I highlighted tonnes of it, including both Virginia Woolf’s writing and the excerpts she includes from others. I think too much to post quotes here; And too much could be taken out of context. Three Guineas and A Room of One’s Own make for enlightening reading, although I did find that Three Guineas “went on a bit” (it’s a harder read than A Room of One’s Own). As with A Room of One’s Own it’s interesting how much has changed in relatively recent history - and also how little has changed.

It’s one for analysis, essay writing and discussion. I can picture a English teacher saying, “And what do you think Woolf meant here?” so many times (although I sincerely doubt many are fortunate enough to study Woolf in school; I wasn’t). But, there is a lot here that is open to interpretation. Did she mean that literally? Or is she being so coolly sarcastic that her argument risks going over the heads of those she’s trying to make a point to? My opinion is often the latter, especially in the bits where she “destroys feminism”.

Reading some short story collections to catch any I’ve missed in other collections and then I’ve read everything (I think) by Woolf