Kind of a combination of Los Campesinos and Belle and Sebastian with a sprinking of Mr. T Experience on top. This is the soundtrack to your (well “my” anyway) summer of 2018 and 1998.

My favourites:

  • Seatbelts for Aeroplanes - Perfect festival sing-a-long chorus.
  • Milk Chews - It’s just a damn good song with a damn good bass line.
  • Slow - It isn’t!
  • Hate it When You Have To Go - Opens with “There’s lights in the car park we pretend are stars” and just doesn’t cease to satisfy from there.
  • I Love You Goodbye - You know other bands where there’s a song not by the main singer (**cough** Wolf Alice **cough** (sorry)) and it’s the one you just have to sit through? Well this is the opposite of that.

The most exciting thing about getting older is all the new music that’s yet to come.