And now for something completely different. In a Virginia Woolf interlude I read what my younger daughter had recently read. This is a great book. It’s impossible to put down and even though you know how it’s going to end from the start you are still wishing it doesn’t all the way through. But it does… afterall it’s not really fiction.

It’s actually been out for a year, but hey we live out in the sticks and being about a year behind is about right for us. Linking to a recent-ish article that I noticed because I knew my younger daughter was reading the book.

I think it’s classed as young adult as opposed to children’s literature, but books aren’t so much like telly. Suitable reading age is whenever you can read whatever it is since you are limited somewhat to your own imagination and ability to interpret… just trying to justify the fact that she read it.

This also prompted me to revisit Tupac and perhaps see if he wasn’t as bad a rapper as I remember. Unfortunately I still just don’t see what all the fuss is about; he’s no Gift of Gab or Chali 2na.

Anyway… an EXCELLENT book.