I’m a latecomer to the Marmozets, having heard Play on Annie Mac last year, having a “Woah!” moment (radio is more important than a computer generated playlist) and then going off and finding and listening to The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets more times than is healthy.

The new album does not disappoint. I just knew it wouldn’t. Favs:

  • Play (one of the best songs I have EVER heard, must be great on a night out)
  • Meant to Be (More of the same)
  • Major System Error (even though I can’t reach those high notes I’m still going to try)
  • Lost in Translation (Shouty goodness)
  • Start Again (It gives me fucking goosebumps, enough said).
  • New Religion (It’s the Marmozet choruses that transform a good song into a great song)
  • Suffocation (The kind of thing I thought they’d end with)
  • Run with the Rhythm (I thought they’d go out with a bang! But they didn’t; However, they didn’t go out with a whimper either ;-) This is a festival closer, let alone a set closer)

Maybe it seems flippant calling this so early in the year (last years favourite was also a January release, although discovered months later), but what the hell is going to top this, this year?! The only thing that possibly could would be if Friction finally releases an album.

Please, please still be around by the time I can take the younger daughter to see you. Please.

Lastly: West. Fucking. Yorkshire. Represent!