Why not? I do actually like writing them. I’ll use last year’s format.


Did two half marathons. That was my distance goal for this year. Made it.


Sadly still not enough. I’ve learnt a LOT more technical skills, but actual programming time is still, bizarrely, way down on past years. I did fix some long standing niggling issues with Haskerdeux though and made some useful changes to Bozohttpd.


After that nice period at the start of the year where I got films up from last year I finally gave up (or more correctly: “admitted defeat”) on film photography and decided to just start using my phone. I’ll always miss film, but I actually don’t mind some of shots I’ve made.


  • Northanger Abbey (Finished, had started last year)
  • Valley of the Dolls
  • Orlando
  • Catcher in the Rye
  • Wind up bird Chronicles
  • To the Lighthouse
  • The Trick is to Keep Breathing
  • Handmaid’s Tale (half way through the series being broadcast; I knew I’d read some Margaret Atwood as a teenager, but couldn’t recall for sure if I’d read this; Still can’t, but it was very good).

Gave up on reading over half way through the year (with good reason!) to try to re-learn Italian; After being fortunate enough to go to Italy again on holiday and being frustrated that I’d let it all slip again I got back and basically invested all my reading time into DuoLingo and completed the Italian course (just the other day; Subjuntive Imperfects nearly had me though) in less than half a year.


Loads of good albums (last year I picked just songs):

  • Highly Flammable - Nadia Rose (my album of the year)
  • Nobody Ever Really Dies - NERD (Admittedly I only ever really knew Lap Dance, but Lightning Fire Magic Prayer is superb)
  • South City - Too Many Ts
  • Instant Pleasures - Shed Seven (If I’m honest, Nothing to Live Down far outshines everything else)
  • Prophets of Rage - Prophets of Rage
  • Visions of a Life - Wolf Alice
  • Dumb Days - Tired Lion
  • Jenks - DBFC
  • Lotta Sea Lice - Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile
  • Out in the Storm - Waxahatchee
  • Ubai - Ibibio Sound Machine

Wow, that’s a great year in hindsight.


  • A marathon at some point (well, in distance - I’m only racing myself).
  • I really could do with finding a Go project I’m actually motivated to do. Have half plans forming in my head.
  • I’d like to get some nice portrait photos on my phone, I don’t think it’s cut out for it though (I miss using my F2.8/135mm lens).
  • Tone the Italian learning down a bit and just practise that course over the next year (as ever I need to do more of the spoken practice) so I can pick reading back up and read the remaining Virginia Woolf novels.
  • Listen to Marmozets all February.


Almost forgot: Perhaps the biggest achievement of the year was finally finishing our Christmas jar of pickled onions - has taken me at least three years.