I managed to shoot a few (a lot for me) rolls of film last year on holiday, didn’t get them developed as promptly as hoped - although much quicker than I’ve managed historically, and that provided a nice smattering of photos on here for the first part of this year. Fingers crossed I’ll achieve the same next year from the five rolls I got to shoot this year on holiday. Hopefully. But long term I’m not optimistic.

This time though, I’ve decided to stop (well, be less of) a whingey arse and embrace what I am actually fortunate enough to have: an iPhone; Also because I resolutely cannot be arsed to redesign this site, the photography section has to remain some how. Despite my inability to wrangle a decent image out of it, it is, supposedly, a decent little camera; I’m just going to have to learn to get good with it - and look at my Yashica Mat on my desk for inspiration.

This is just to forewarn (and apologise in advance) against the inevitable overly filtered and processed digital onslaught.

[EDIT: 2017-12-07] Of course it was inevitable: Just as I resign myself to my Yashica Mat being a nice ornament to look at, I have my desk taken away (yes, that’s correct) so now the camera is just hidden away in a cupboard (story of my life); Fortunately I find this kind of thing funny.