Ooh… I was worried I’d spoken too soon because this is AWESOME. But I’m still going to stick with Gurr. Just.

  1. I like that they have a track called Intro and a track called Outro; I see what you did there and much respect.
  2. Babes Never Die - thought it was a bit too poppy when I first heard it, but love it now. Sing along and then sing along again.
  3. Ready for the Magic - Just amazing. Even better than Sea Hearts. Love this x1000. I recently got Babes in Toyland Fontanelle for the youngest because she expressed an interest (and I love that album too, but only have it on tape), I couldn’t recall it being too sweary (not L7 after all), but let’s just say she’s having to keep it until she’s a bit older. This Honeyblood track however (which she hasn’t heard yet) will fill the gap nicely.
  4. Sea Hearts. C’est très Fantastique.
  5. Love is a Disease - It’s good, but mostly I listen this just to get to:
  6. Walking at Midnight - Dark and haunting. Or perhaps twilight and spooky as it’s not too dark? Way, way different than Ready for the Magic, but pure sublime.
  7. Sorry I just go back to 2 and repeat. They aren’t bad tracks from here, it’s just that I already want to go back and listen to all those ones again.

This has been a shit year for musicians, Leonard Cohen, the latest of a long line, passed away today, but there has been some amazing music released this year.

[EDIT:2016-11-12] Forgot to say: the drummer is fucking amazing.