"Sunset came, filling the room with its soft splendor; and he watched the red rays linger longest in Gladys's corner."

A Modern Mephistopheles by Louisa May Alcott

I wanted to read something by Louisa May Alcott that wasn’t Little Women (much like I’ve tried to pick the less obvious classics from the other authors I’ve been reading) and this seemed like a great choice. Like a lot of classics it is bit difficult to get into and then to follow, but the rewards are all there: I almost cried twice on the plane when I got towards the end, but of course since I’m manly and all that I held it in. Well worth reading with some epic bits of prose.

Unfortunately, though, this is never going to help me impress at that imaginary dinner party as I will never be able to pronounce it.

I can’t quote my favourite bit in danger of ruining it.