Although a modern classic as opposed to a classic it was still on my list.

It is really good. Not at all hard to read like a classic and is a definite can’t-put-me-down-until-finished; pretty sure I read it the day I got it.

What I found most interesting about my experience reading this was that I could not tell initially whether the narrator was black or white, or male or female. Now it maybe that if I re-read it it would be patently obvious, but either due to the speed I was reading it (I did say it was completely engrossing), my ignorance (I’m not American and so I knew of this book, but pretty much nothing about it) or perhaps because it really is this way, I certainly couldn’t be sure to start with.

Like Wuthering Heights I don’t think any quotes stood out to me (at least I’ve left no double turned over pages for myself - again could just be the speed I read it), but it is what everyone says: A must read.