I tweeted it, but then I sprained my knee a bit and so went back to 5k and wanted to wait until I’d done it again before writing about it in case the first time was a fluke. So today I managed to do it again! Yay! I mean, I suppose I should have been able to do this anyway because of the fitness from cycling, but I’m still pretty happy about this: Up and down hills again, faster than last time (not fast) and my joints felt better about it afterwards. I have no intention of turning into a crazy person, I think 10k is as far as I want to go - Faster though might be fun.

I still don’t really enjoy running (cycling, at the right time, could be a pure thrill), but I am happy I can do the mind over matter thing and keep going. Cycling though I didn’t really have to concentrate on, but running I really do have to watch my feet so as to not knacker my ankles or knees. I still can’t decide whether running more often or less often would be better for me.

On a related note: I have been bicycle “window shopping”, but I think the price of a pair of trainers (first pair still look barely worn) will outweigh a completely unnecessary bicycle purchase; Even if I can afford one now I don’t need one.

Things have been very busy of late. I have things I want to write about, just struggling to find the time.