"Battling Winter: Winning Spring"

by Me

This winter has felt so long. Mud, wind, floods, snow, ice and yet more mud. So much mud.

It’s the first winter I’ve ever used a front tyre with no side studs and I have fallen off because of icy ruts, but then again I’ve fallen off with both front and rear full Marathon Winters so can’t say for sure it is lack of side studs. Perhaps I just need to develop more skill, which you’d think I’d have after six winters of this?

The saddest thing, though, about this winter’s cycling is that (depending on how things work out; although it is looking pretty damn likely) I’ll make it to spring, having had an extremely arduous time on this muddy track with just one gear, but then I’ll be doing a new commute somewhere else and so won’t see the benefit of a dry track.

Perhaps I don’t really win spring this year?