Linking to this as I have just started reading Ulysses.

In my spell offline I did in fact print a book from Project Gutenberg and managed to do a spot of reading. I’ve been working my way through Project Gutenberg’s popular list, well, kind of, maybe it’s better to say “I’ve let myself be inspired by it”. After looking into Ulysses I learnt that it is (supposedly) based on Homer’s Odyssey so I thought it would be a good idea to read that first which meant that was actually the book I printed off and read; I do try to read online, but I still really prefer paper - it includes less distractions - so this was the ideal opportunity; The Odyssey is also based on (borrows from) The Iliad, but I decided reading one book I didn’t want to read in order to read the one I did was enough steps back.

As it turned out, The Odyssey was really interesting, but not because of the actual story, rather, because of all speculation around who actually wrote it and where it was set.

With The Odyssey out of the way, I then started printing off Ulysses to read, but I had to print it really small so as not to feel like I was killing too many trees and that was just the first chapter. But then, seeing as how I’d come into a spot of money, as well as being able to spend £1.32 on some batteries, I was able to spend a whole £1.99 on a brand new copy of Ulysses from Amazon.

Anyway, I do like the idea of Infinite Ulysses. Some people suggest reading a couple of companion books to Ulysses at the same time as reading Ulysses itself (it is difficult to understand), but oddly don’t suggest reading The Odyssey? Instead, I plan on using Infinite Ulysses to see what annotations people have left on parts that make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER to me. Even though Infinite Ulysses exists, I have already highlighted passages and written notes in my brand new copy - it is that kind of book that you can’t help it and don’t mind doing so.

I plan on quoting some of my favourite bits (so far) here in my next few posts. I will also use Infinite Ulysses to see if others find the same sentences as me as beautiful; honestly, it is not all just hype.