The lowest practical value at which I can exist, below which I would possess no energy (and I don’t have a lot now)

This is the nearest I’ll get to an end of year review post this year. It has been a year of ones*:

  • One gear - (Once again). I can’t go any less! I truly and sincerely hope no one is ever expecting me to run 200 miles a week.
  • One pence per mile - I know the running costs of bicycles are meant to be attractive compared to motor vehicles, and I know I do a lot of miles, but I think this “achievement” is pushing things a little too low.
  • One percent of earnings - (These are all related - surprise!) Yep, that’s what I’ve spent this year. Funnily enough split between the three distinct areas of: Programming (mostly server rental), Pushing (keeping that bike running - just) and Pictures (less than a handful of new films and getting last year’s developed). Ok, theoretically I don’t need to rent a server to have a computer, but practically I do, so I can’t really see me being able to go less than one percent (although over Christmas I have managed to switch my NetBSD install from 32-bit to 64-bit and thus drop to Linode’s lowest plan, halving my costs).
  • One meal - Porridge. Urgh. I wish I was a strong bearded Scotsman who could survive on nowt but salted porridge oats and whisky (and be happy with it), but the unfortunate reality of it is that I’m a soft Englishman. However, given the hardship of the month I did without porridge, I’m not going to moan too much about the one lovely meal I get to enjoy every lunch at work (and sometimes at weekends).

* Rounded to the nearest integer