When my external hard drives storing all my music became no more that pretty much signalled the end of my scrobbling to last.fm and libre.fm; I’d done remarkably well to continue for so long after not having any mp3 player at all.

And although in theory I can just get some new hard drive cases or power supplies and continue as before (because the hard drives themselves are fine; also backed up), I know that in practice there is not a chance. So I’m thinking of deleting my last.fm and libre.fm accounts since there isn’t much point to them anymore.

Not to be completely perturbed, however, I am successfully getting my music fill from Xfm via FreeSat. It’s not a new discovery to me, rather a re-discovery of something long lost; I used to tune into Xfm whenever I was passing through London, which I actually had occasion to do some years ago. Since I can only listen to it at home I only get to listen to music on weekends and some evenings, but I can cope with that because it pretty much “plays my mind”.