Fuzzy Steading

Whilst stood doing the washing up (it is fair to say that where I live now permits even more lazy photography than where I used to live, the only crying shame is I’ve been unable to do any), I kept looking out and seeing the sunlight cast beautiful colours across this old steading. So I nipped out to get a photo. Whilst trying to keep the dog from jumping up and knocking me over I completely forgot to adjust the focus and only remembered whilst wandering back inside. So I thought, “Sod it” and wandered back to the same spot as best as I could remember and exposed it again, this time focused - I thought I might as well as I had nothing to lose.

I’ve subsequently tried to take two more shots of the same subject, but this first one, the mistake, is the best of the three. I’ve just not been able to the photo to match how I see it in my head and I’ve decided to give up trying and move on to other subjects.