I’d fallen a bit behind (and have again, already, but let’s not start) with checking through saved items from my TLOBF and Guardian’s New Band of the Day feeds, but managed to make some progress this month with checking out what seemed like it might be interesting…

When Saints Go Machine - Konkylie

Falling foul of the “better name than the music” thing. Because that is a great name for a band, but the music not so very interesting. Kelly is probably the best track with Terminal One almost being ok.

Mac Miller

That review isn’t for a specific album, seeing as at the time of it, his official debut album wasn’t out. But it seems he has a couple of mixtapes knocking about so I gave K.I.D.S (Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit) a whirl. By a far margin the standout track is Nikes On My Feet (which also gets a mention in the Guardian review, although I’m not sure it in such a favourable light). I can’t say I’m that fussed for anything else on this album (Kool Aid & frozen Pizza is slightly better than everything else), but perhaps I’ll have to give Knock Knock a whirl and decided from there whether it’s worth listening to anything else.

Computer Magic

Anything that mentions “80s”, “synth” and “electronic” has got to be worth a spin. Electric Fences is a nice little EP. No skimpy length tracks here. And it’s all about the last track, Running, which is really quite something. I listen to that track a fair bit.

What Would Jesus Drive - Black and Blue

Ach, something else from back in May! Makes it all the worse when it is actually something really good that I could have been listening to. I’m so slow with getting around to things. The review ends with “It’s not the sort of thing you’d want to listen to on repeat…”, but actually it’s fine (and perfectly advisable - and is what I did all one morning) to do that as long as you just stick to tracks 1 to 4. Track 5 is the reverse stand-out: and probably ruins what follows as it isn’t until the last track, Fragile Mansions, where things seem to pick up again. So at least the album comes in - and goes out - on a bang. They should have just deleted track 5.

Not Cool

They are right, it’s not cool. It’s always dangerous having negative connotations in your name. It’s not like they are Shit Robot and can get away with it. Desks is ok. Well, it’s free at least.

Friendly Fires - Pala

Friendly Fires are one of those bands that I thought I should get around to listening to, but turn out to be one I’m not so bothered that it took me a long time to. It’s non-offensive. You can listen to it in the background and it won’t annoy you, but it is bloody boring if you pay attention. Only Hawaiian Air is any good and they make you wait right until the end of the album for that; at least the days of tapes and LPs are gone and you can just skip to that track.

Azari & III - Azari & III

Although a late 80s/early 90s electronica vibe (and that seems to be my thing - some how) this album as a whole is not quite for me. I’m in agreement with the review: Reckless (With Your Love) is the stand-out (amazing) and Manic the close second. I reckon there must be some good remixes of those tracks knocking about… And I’m off to look for them… (In a bit).