• Have to then put phone in bag and then put bag, helmet and gloves on. Then get bike down from rack and out of the bike shed.
  • Then I’ve got one roundabout to wait at coming out of work.
  • Two crossroads I have to stop at (unless I want to die) and one of them I had to wait for a tractor.
  • And I got stuck behind a mountain bike for a bit.
  • And at the end, take bag off and get phone out.
  • Oh, and fixed 42:16 gear, of course.

It was wind assisted, but I pedalled my legs off. I must surely have actually done the 19.6 mile journey in an hour? I don’t think I’ll beat this time for a long time.

Even taking it as 62 mins, that’s an average speed of 18.97 mph. Perhaps next summer I can get a cheap cycle computer and find out what my max speed is on journeys like this.