It’s fair to say I’ve been more frustrated than a teenage boy (no understatement) with the looooooong halt on my photography. Which is why I made a decision to try to get back into drawing, so I was at least doing something creative (I want - and feel it is important - to have both creative and technical interests, even if I don’t achieve it).

I had hoped by making a (somewhat) public statement of my intentions it would coerce me to follow through. But it seems I have no balls.

It’s weird because I have no problems being crap at programming. It doesn’t bother me that I’m late to the game, unlikely to ever catch peers up or am totally outclassed by those younger than me. I’m think I’m happy with my abilities because I can satisfy myself: I can have a problem, no idea how to programme it, but be confident that I’ll be able to figure it out eventually. Even if I don’t do the best way.

With drawing it’s different, but I’m not exactly sure why though. Probably a combination of having regressed so much from what I was capable of years ago (I was never ace at it as a kid, but as per what I’ve said for programming, I was able to satisfy myself) and so I find my current abilities hugely frustrating; And having two daugthers who can out draw me (and one’s not even at primary school yet) which makes me feel embarrassed when I attempt anything.

So, until I grow a pair, back to the waiting game it is for me.