It seems like I’ve been waiting ages (hang on, it is ages! About three years for both!) for the new albums to come out from The Pigeon Detectives and The Wombats and so I was very eager to listen to them both (but not so eager to write about them it seems…). But on first listen I was shocked to find them both disappointing.

After a few listens I do now really like This Modern Glitch. It is full of good tracks: Our Perfect Disease, Tokyo, Jump into the Fog, Techno Fan, Walking Disasters, Girls/Fast Cars (which probably isn’t that good, but is so catchy it is). I think the problem was being overly spoilt by the first album which is just so good it was impossible to better. But I’m happy now.

However, I really don’t understand why it took The Pigeon Detectives so long to come out with Up, Guards and At ‘Em. I do keep relistening, hoping it’s going to get better, and it has slightly, but it’s not great. Lost is ok, Through The Door is probably the best the album has to offer. Difficult third album is a common thing isn’t it? I’m still pining for something as good as Take Her Back from Wait For Me.

The NME get this completely wrong, but then they are probably too concerned about what’s cool, rather than what’s actually any good.