Replaced my bottom bracket the other day after it failed completely (fortunately still managed to get home on it, but the wobble was a bit like being on a clown’s bike). It had lasted less than a year. Ok, fair enough, I use nothing but the cheapest, shoddiest, components, but still. Wow. I guess this is what putting the miles in does.

My rear hub bearings are also well on the way out. That new wheel I’ve also had less than a year. I guess this is how things are going to be.

The plus side to fixed gear is relatively low amount and cost of maintenance. It looks like replacing chain, bottom bracket and hub bearings will be pretty common. But at least they are cheap components. As much as I’d love an expensive bike, the problem gears (and higher spec components) would bring is the higher cost of replacement parts. Because they are still going to fail. And I can barely afford the cheapest of bearings to replace those in my hub, let alone having to fork out for a new Sora parts (and they are the cheap ones!).

The downside to fixed gear seems to be the rapid destruction of drive train. I guess with a geared bike bits would last longer because they aren’t under so much stress. One gear ratio and climbing hills kills bottom brackets. This is another reason why dropping down my ratio a bit would be a good idea.