"We had lunch: sandwiches, chocolate, raisins, a banana and some hard candies, but we had forgotten to bring anything to drink and the lunch exacerbated our thirst."

Rock and Surf by Ansel Adams

My very darling wife* got me Ansel Adam’s Examples - The making of 40 Photographs for Christmas. She also got me The Camera, but so far Examples is the one I’ve really taken a shine to.

Stories are probably what I like most about photography. I couldn’t really care less about the technical details, but I just love to hear the story behind a photo and although I might have picked a rather inane quote on purpose just to make a point, when flicking through the book this is the one that I remembered the most. It just makes it all the more real and enjoyable for me.

One of the most memorable and favourite photos on Flickr for me is this by Anita Jean just because I love the story and it has just stuck in my head ever since.

I am also pleased to find out from reading Examples that I’m standing in good stead by also not having a clue when half my photos were taken. Who needs notes.

* I’m not after anything, I just don’t want her to get any more ‘pets’.