My cheapskate approach to life crosses all boundaries. I’d like some proper overshoes, in the same way I’d like proper cycling shoes and clipless pedals. But: Ho, hum. As it is, late summer I had a silly idea to cut the bottoms of my waterproofs off and make them into waterproof overshoes (plastic bag on feet styley). I was still wearing shorts so it kind of made sense, but I forgot that waterproof overshoes aren’t going to work if water can run in the top of them!

So, I got some new waterproof trousers. And cut my old ones in half along the crotch seam (so I had two separate legs). I then sewed the waist band back up so it would grip around the top of my calf (just below my knee). Because these were my old waterproofs which were cut off at knee length, this meant they were now the right length to cover my feet when pulled up to the knee. So I sewed the bottom so they were fitted a bit underneath the sole of my shoe. And that’s all. Getting them on and off is a bit awkward: with shoes off I can pull the “waist band” bit over my foot, and then stick my foot through the scalloped opening caused by the crotch seam, put my shoe on and put it back through the opening. Then it’s just a matter of pulling them up and trying to get the “fitted” bit in place on my sole. There are entirely crap for walking in as you’d imagine, but for a few steps ok. The idea is that when I place my foot in the toe clip the excess material hanging off the front of my foot gets tucked underneath. This mostly works, allow a bit more sewing to “fit” them here wouldn’t go amiss.

Unlike the puddings, I should get a camera and post a pic of these monstrosities! Because they do work.