I’m in two minds at the minute as to how to behave with motorists. Especially considering the recent road rage incident. I think I’m going to try to be less aggressive. I’m not necessarily going to sit in traffic queues, but if a motorist starts being aggressive because I’ve dared overtake them I’m going to try to be passive rather than aggravate the situation. After all, they have a bigger chunk of metal to throw about.

Generally I’d consider myself a considerate road user. I cycle a lot of country lanes where a car can’t (or shouldn’t anyway!) just overtake, so if I hear or see (lights) a car behind me, I have been pulling over to let them pass. Some even say thanks!

And my best ever yet was when a lady driver had broken down in the middle of a roundabout during rush hour. All the car drivers where just weaving their way around her. Who stopped to push her car off the roundabout and into a lay-by out of harms way? Oh yeah, that would be me, a cyclist.