shoes-3-policeman-0-r1514-released by whyday:

The Shoes team has announced the Whyday release of Shoes 3.

Learn more at, or download at

Never quite got round to posting this on whyday, so to save me the effort I’ll belatedly reblog from the whyday blog itself.

It’s difficult to name names without fear of missing someone out, or mis-crediting someone, but there are some names that have stuck in my head: A huge amount of credit goes to ashbb who, in my opinion, has almost single-handedly kept Shoes development going since Shoes 2. But credit also due to Steve Klabnik (of HacketyHack, which uses Shoes and so really he had no choice but to help) who built on previous efforts and got it working on OSX Snow Leopard, Cecil Coupe (for Linux expertise and wisdom), Devyn Cairns (for keeping the community going), tnobuhito for Japanese manual, Wilkie for some Vista fixes, and Martin DeMello for improving the rakefile.

One day, when all the house move has settled down (we do now have the computer out and on its own desk), I shall see if I can sort out a Shoes 3 build for OSXPPC. In the meantime though, if you follow the mailing list, thoughts are already on Shoes 4!