I need to get my life so it’s single piece flow, but in the meantime I seem to be working in batches. And this batch is music.

  • School of Seven Bells - Disconnect from Desire. When something gets mentioned enough it’s worth checking out, but after first listen (It was at work and I was totally “in the zone”, so not paying full attention, trying to get some JavaScript in XSLT to work cross browser: Chrome, Firefix and IE6 - yes IE6. But Firefox gave me as much grief!) I can only say it’s ok-ish. Need to listen again. Was a bit like background music, but that could be because it was. It’s a bit - no, very - Stereolab-ish (especially on Babelonia). Which isn’t a bad thing, but I’ve not listened to Stereolab in years. Perhaps it’ll grow on me after a few more listens - if I notice it’s playing. And, also, “electronic dance-floor beats”? Where? I missed them.

  • Herbaliser - Herbal Tonic. Sensual Woman. Awesome. Been listening to this track for many years. Have no idea how I came across it, probably back in days of Napster, so a lovely surprise that this popped up whilst listening to this album. Made me smile. Made my day.

  • Chemical Brothers - Further. From Brothers Gonna Work It Out (whichever track those lyrics are actually from; that’s the first time I recall hearing the Chemical Brothers) up to Push the Button, loved it all. But that weird Salmon Dance thing really put me off. This is more of a return to form. Bit slow to get going, but skip about the first 6 minutes and it’s there - of course to be fully appreciated probably requires you to be stood in a field off your tits.

  • Mumford & Sons - Sign No More. Got the free track on iTunes ages ago, wasn’t that fussed. Also, bit disapponted to find out they aren’t really a “Mumford” and sons; not even related! But, have been watching Glastonbury and T in The Park on the box and The Cave is just so good to watch live - more so because the crowds just look so happy. So I love The Cave and the rest of the album is ok too. Reminds me a bit of Fleet Foxes, but much better.

  • Massive Attack - Heligoland - Meh, sounds just like 100th Window to me, so a bit dark and depressing.

  • Pendulum - Immersion - I feel a little bit wrong to be listening to these. Like I shouldn’t be allowed (Am I too old?). But I love the stuff they do with Freestylers and I remembered watching them last year (on the telly) at a festival and, much like watching Mumford & Sons, it just looked like a hell of a lot of fun. I like Waterclour, But otherwise. Not quite for me.

  • Audio bullies - Higher Than the Eiffel - Awesome. There’s your electronic dance floor beats. This is going to get some listens.