My Flickr All Time Search Stats Since Late 2007

My Flickr all time search stats, since late 2007, click on the image to get more info.

Awhile ago Flickr changed from providing all-time stats to a rolling 28 days. They then made available for download, for a limited time, the historical all-time data. This ‘limited time’ comes to the an end at 01-Jun-2010, and to be honest I wasn’t going to bother downloading almost sixty Excel/CSV files dating back to 2007, because the likelihood was I’d never do anything with them. But then I heard about flickrstats by visp, simply authenticate the app and it gets you files for you, analyses them, and presents them in a lovely graph. Visp has also put together a demo video of it in action.

So if you are a Flickr Pro member, it’s well worth using this app before the 01-Jun.