…due to my unexpected Ubuntu trial at work.

  • It’s bloody good. Looks lovely. I’d quite happily use this full time if I had that choice/option (not like there’s any competition with XP, but I mean I’d also switch from OSX for this; Was never a fan of the brown theme, preferring Mint, but I prefer this new theme to Mint).
  • Does multiple monitor support pretty much no problem. (The first time I set them up, laptop (1440x900) and monitor (1280x1024), I had a few glitches getting the settings to work: I had to apply the settings a few times and toggle between settings, etc until it worked ok. But subsequent times it worked first go. Bizarre.)
  • You can move the menus bars to the ‘main’ monitor.
  • To get Lastpass working, had to launch from terminal and be sure to export HTTPS_PROXY before hand
  • Non-persistant LiveUSBs aren’t that bad afterall: I used to use Slax a fair bit, because it’s small, looks good and I could have a persistant install on a 1GB usb stick (I don’t have the min 2gb for a persitant Ubuntu install :-( ). But then I twigged, there’s not that much downside to a LiveUSB install in cloud-computing land: I’ve just moved my Firefox profile onto another USB stick and I can reconnect to that each time I used the LiveUSB; tweaking other settings each time isn’t so bad.
  • Be VERY careful when installing to an external USB drive from the LiveUSB. The default settings will happily trounce the MBR of the internal drive. And although in theory this is fixable, in mine it wasn’t. Whole laptop had to be re-imaged. Ooops.