It’s a sad fact of being old(er), that as much as I would like to listen to “New Music” (new to me would do for a start, doesn’t have to be new full-stop) I am not John Peel and neither do people send me records to listen to, and nor do I have most of the day set aside for listening. In fact, my entire listening-to-music-time is limited to the dubious decision to listen whilst on my bike ride to and from work.

Owing to my short listening window, more often then not I will pick to listen to something I’ve heard before. However, today was a day where I’d chosen to carry on working my way through Oh! Canada 6 and stumbled across You Say Party! We Say Die! and Laura Palmer’s Prom. Just ace.

I may not have time to read or listen to everything that gets mentioned on The Line of Best Fit (ace name), but I am glad I bother to check it out every so often.