more-technical-details-about-google-chrome-frame by jimray:

I am completely smitten with Google Chrome Frame. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to call it one of the more interesting developments in the web landscape to come about in some time, because it finally provides a real solution to the horror that is Internet Explorer. It’s not perfect, of course, but it’s an audacious start. If nothing else, it should give Microsoft a rather swift kick in the ass.

While this is fun, remarkably clever and really interesting, I'm undecided on it's usefullness. I guess it solves problems for web developers. But it isn't going to make IE go away nor necessarily push Microsoft to improve IE.

Are there really that many home users using IE? I guess there are? But I would have thought the majority of IE users are corporate users who have to use IE because a) that's all that's available to them and their machines are locked down (in which case will they be able to install this plugin?), or b) because their internal web sites and business systems will only work with IE (and in my case only IE6). And I can't help thinking that since Google has solved the problem for Microsoft that, in a way, they have less reason to fix IE now.

Actually, I've just twigged why I don't quite get Chrome tab: I'm thinking as an end user rather than a developer. For me I wish they'd just released IETab for Chrome.

Geek thought: I wonder if I this will run in IETab?