"Flip at the bottom. This is the image that has been better for me. Start out the same way as the previous technique. But instead, flip the pedal as close to 6 o’clock as possible"

So a bit later than hoped for (although patience provided me with a 99p eBay bargain), I've got some toe clips for my bike. No more embarrassing moments forgetting I can't freewheel down hill and having to lift my legs up off the pedals. Nope, instead I'm swapping that for the embarrassment of not being able to get my feet into the toe clips in the first place.

I found the above advice quite useful though. You'd think it would be easier to get your foot in near the top of the stroke, but no it seems it's much easier to get it in at the bottom, what's more you can get it in on the first revolution (which is good because there's no chance of me flipping the pedal and getting my foot in at speed).

I did find though, that starting of with the opposite leading foot helped. I.e. without clips I'd naturally lead with my right leg, but it seems my left foot lacks co-ordination and there's no way I can get it in the clip. If I lead with my left foot I can get my right foot in before my left has done half a revolution (I do currently have to sneak a peak though).

Also, I now see the attraction of trackstands. Or not stopping at junctions, lights, etc. Think I'll have to learn trackstands.

Also, I thought I'd have to consciously 'use' the toe clips, i.e. make a point of pulling up on the up stroke, but you don't, you just pedal as normal and let the toe clips do the magic - I can only imagine how ace clipless must be - but imagine it will remain as it's 99p for brand new to clips vs at least £40 for someone's sweaty second hand SPD shoes and worn out pedals.

(Tagged as art, because getting into clips on a Fixie is most certainly an Art.)

EDIT 1: I'm getting the knack of this now. My worst experiences so far have been cycling a third of my journey home before I managed to get my foot in. And once having to stop so I could set off again and get my foot in on the first revolution -by far the easiest thing to do. But now I'm getting to the point where I can set off around a roundabout and worry about getting my foot in once I've exited. I think rather than trying to flip the pedal I almost let it turn under my foot, just a gentle touch and my foot is there ready to go in.

EDIT 2: tried to pay attention to what happens today: I think as the pedal comes up I lift my foot up, or more like just take pressure off the pedal, so it rotates underneath me and then my foots there ready to go in for the downward stroke. Sometimes takes a couple of goes. But this way is more like "flipping at the top" than the bottom. But in reality when you are pegging it along, the top and bottom of the stroke is all one thing.