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Twitter and github accounts are gone. All his domain names are resolving but not responding.

I’m guessing he’s not dead or sick or injured or had his accounts compromised. He’s probably just moved on to bigger and better. It’s great how he showed everyone how artful and nonsensical programming can be but I think ultimately he remained a lone black sheep and nobody could keep up.

_why’s been a big inspiration to me too.. I hope we’ll see him again.

A big bummer. The Poignant Guide got me into coding and taught me to love Ruby. There wasn't (and still isn't as far as I know) anything comparable for any other language. And although I remain very much a non-programmer, that starting point has enabled me to go on and do things that I can stand back and look at and think "Wow, I can't believe I've managed to do that!".

Recently I've been spending a lot of time with Shoes and I'm gutted _why's (probably) decided to move on to pastures new. Shoes is/was just fantastic.

Whymirror on GitHub is the place to be for now.