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met this girl earlier. i love her bike!

that’s a very mild, i believe it’s called, clown bike.

what a stupid women. anyone who rides a fixie without breaks is offically a retarded hipster. thats all there is to it. unless yr riding in a velodrome there is absolutely no excuse. apart from that, nice bike.

Having just had a whirl today on a fixie for the first time since I was a toddler on a trike (probably, although could be my first time ever, since I can't remember for sure whether the first ever bike I had was a fixie - just guessing), I'd have to agree about the brakes.

Because if worse comes to worse and you lose control, say for instance you momentarily forget you can't freewheel as zooming down hill, you can kick your feet out (think back to the days of ladies cycling in the country, bikes with baskets, long skirts billowing out, legs kicked out in front, pedals whirring round underneath) and pull on the BRAKES, stop and restart. Fair enough you look a plonker kicking your legs out (even more so if you opted for the long skirt and basket), but it saves being a crumpled heap in front of a car.

If you don't have brakes you are knackered. If your feet come off the pedals at speed,  there's no fucking way you are getting your feet back on.

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