“Not beautiful” maybe being a bit harsh, but it makes for a better title. She’s just not my cup of tea. Listening to the Introducing podcast has paid off again:

Whilst sat on the bog catching up with my podcasts, I was half listening and half skimming through when I heard something a bit catchy. Going back for a second listen (in the bog again - it passes the day) I find out it is by a lady going by the name of Dimbleby & Capper; and who is neither Dimbleby nor Capper. What’s more she’s released the song from the podcast as a free mp3 on her Myspace page (Gah! Myspace, but it seems bands still use it).

I’m crap at comparing artists so I won’t bother, but she does manage to sound like four or five different people on this one track. She can definitely sing.

For a less-insulting-on-your-eyes-than-myspace read up on her, indiescreet has a little article.