I was hoping to make a post of this title this year when Apple mentioned their amazing deal for going from Motion 2 to FCS. However, it didn't quite work out as planned:

The fact that my machine has been out of action for editing (still no battery, still no internal hard drive or optical drive) for about 7 months and with no sign in site of me having the cash to mend it made me realise that video editing is a hobby I can't afford. So reluctantly I've sold them both.

This of course means no more fxscript development by me, but I'm sure Piero will handle whatever updates are required. Feel free to get in touch (contact) still and I can put you in touch with Piero or post a message at the Final Cut Express Apple Discussion forum and I'm sure he'll pick up on it there.

If I ever get my machine up and running, I'm going to be looking into using Jahshaka.