[EDIT: 2011-03-24 - See Piero's website for this filter]

A new filter from Piero (all his handiwork). The notes he sent me with the original release are included below.

Hi i5m,

as probably you read in the FCE discussion, after a bad experience with import of .psd images into FCE I decided to use what I learned in the past adding features to your fxscripts, to write my own filter to build simple shapes like rectangle, square, circle and oval.

Attached you can find this filter so you can use it, test it, modify it etc. as you like. And if you like you can make it available to anybody in your site.

Some technicalities:

  1. using it is quite simple (I guess) - no special instructions
  2. limitation: tested only for PAL, but probably works for NTSC as well
  3. you can find some description in the comments
  4. something I tried but I wasn't able to fix:
    1. make it a generator - I always got FXScript error when loading my new generator - since I made just a single change of the first statement from "filter" to "generator" I don't know what else to do...
    2. make it work correctly with imported pictures with size different from 768x576
    3. make some general purpose "debugging" functions (On () end) of the type: debugOpen, debugWrite, debugClose where debugWrite builds a string of 1 or more items like "Label=value" - to monitor the internal variables
      1. I found out no global variables are allowed: those declared outside the "ON () end" statement are NOT available inside
      2. that forces to use more parameters in parenthesis when calling the procedure
      3. then I got stuck with parameter passing, probably some issue about strings passed as value
      4. I gave up (more to learn in the future)
  5. Given the above problem my testing statements are just an unstructured sequence of instructions to write values - these instructions are commented in the current version to avoid debugging output during production work.

Have fun...

And let me know your comments and suggestions!

Thanks and ciao