I'm surprised at just how upset I was to hear about the death of John Peel. I felt/feel gutted. Madness. The memories I have include many of travelling late at night listening to John Peel, sometimes flicking to something else because his eclectic taste wasn't necessarily mine (nevermind damn right confusing if you'd just tuned in sometimes to hear something bizarre "This isn't Radio 1 is it?!"). Also I remember taping an entire Festive 50 one Christmas and listening to it all through the next year. It's a sad loss. I hope I can get to Glastonbury next year, but I think it'll be more popular than ever.

It's tempting sometimes (especially for me) to dismiss muso types, along with the arty farty masses, as a bit worthless and not really contributing to society. This is bred from pure jealously from spending my time working far too hard doing engineering with the impending realisation that I was the one who was wasting my life, not them. Yeah, so John did something he loved, he didn't put out fires, build bridges, make the ill better or anything tangible; although he certainly led to bands prospering, but there is something else as well: Many of the 'grey' world like me do owe a lot to John and his ilk. I know I wouldn't/couldn't have done my GCSEs, A-Levels or degree (and often some days at work) without listening to music. So thank-you, goodbye, you'll be missed.