Well true to my word I've been doing knack all with this site, but have managed to finish editing the footage of Mia from Christmas. I had my artistic flair curtailed as I was under strict orders not to cut any footage of Mia out at all. So basically all I could do was put a nice beginning and a nice ending on it. The rest of the video is pretty much as filmed. And there was me thinking that the 30 mins of footage would end up around 10mins when edited, tops. Oh well. I like what I've done, now I've just got to try and encode it to MPEG2 so I can get a DVD (Everyone wants DVDs nowadays, video just isn't good enough). This should be amusing anyway, encoding 30mins of video on a 450MHz G3 imac, I'll leave it running for a few days and see if it manages it.

Since I can't afford a new mac, I'm using mediapipe, sizzle and a lacie external burner to achieve my goals. No DVD menus, but it'll do.