Way hey! More drunken posting. So I said I'd write something about Harry Potty, and indeed I should. In fact I did start writing something, but Chimera crashed out on me, and I couldn't be arsed to start agian.

So, I was until Tuesday a complete Harry Potter Virgin, purposefully of course. I had skillfully managed to avoid all books and films. Personally I am not interested in the books. I mean they obviously must be good because they have done so well, but if I wanted to read decent kids books that also cater for adults I'd read something by this guy, or if I wanted to read a decent book full stop I'd read this

But, saying that , the film was good. Very well produced,with good special effects. In itself it would be a very impressive film in the fantasy genre, if it weren't for Lord of the Rings going on at the same time. It didn't matter that I hadn't got a clue what a golden snitch was, the film was obviously made to cater for newbies as well as those more familar with the Harry Potter phenomenon. The film is pretty long at 2 and a half hours, but just manages it, although it could be shorter and still manage the same. I can't imagine any kid sitting through that long a film though.

The only one really bad bit in the film is when the phoenix bites the eyes out of the snake, and they have to cut to Voltare (or whatever he is called) saying "You're Phoenix may have pecked his eyes out, but he still has his sense of smell". Things like this aren't good. I can't imagine the director wanted this in. Basically if what is happening on screen doesn't convey the message then it obviously isn't good enough. This bit really looked like it had been edged in because someone thought the audience wouldn't get what was going on. Maybe they wouldn't, but it still wouldn't have runined the film, and it isn't necessary to spell everything out. It is good to watch a film a couple of times and discover new things.

In the end it still hasn't made me want to rush off and read the books, but I have to grudgingly admit that the Harry Potter phenomenon, is rightfully so