The most semi-interesting thing is that the other week, due to the shitty train strikes that have been happening recently up north, I decided to buy a book from WHSmiths at Manchester Picadilly. This was in preparation for the bloody coach journey I would have to take since the trains weren't running. I haven't read a book in a while let alone bought one, but ended up buying Atomised, by Michel Houllebecq. It is Winner of the International IMPAC Dublin Literaty Award 2002. So I was expecting something quite good, it sounded pretty interesting.

It definitely is different. Some parts I found a bit tricky to follow since it seemed to keep jumping back and forth along the timeline. However, about two thirds of the way through I was thinking "there must be more depth to this book than what has happened so far?". Or unless I was particulary shallow, but that's not me that's Dave. Anyway, as it turns out it pulls a right ending out of the bag. So pretty good. I could see this ending up as some wierd film. Read some more reviews here. Worth a read as long as you don't mind gratuitous wanking