Well I am in Barcelona, not that anyone reads this and has been wondering where I am anyway, but still. I resisted the lure of the internet quite well until everyone I was out with decided the peep show was a good idea. Been there, done that. So I decided to come to the EasyInternet cafe next door. As if these places exist.

Spanish keyboards do my head in. Well complicated. I keep getting none UTF-8 characters as well, not good for validation.

Anyway, wasn't gonna post while I was away since it is an open invitation to break into my house and rob me blind.

Barca is rad and I want to move here, definitely. I'm stoked.

Came on a skateboarding mission, mainly to film since I can't seem to skate for toffee nowadays, but unfortunately, being me, I smashed my brand new camera on the first day of filming. So since then I have been mainly getting pissed on what little money I've got.