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Sunset Came

"Sunset came, filling the room with its soft splendor; and he watched the red rays linger longest in Gladys's corner."

A Modern Mephistopheles by Louisa May Alcott

I wanted to read something by Louisa May Alcott that wasn't Little Women (much like I've tried to pick the less obvious classics from the other authors I've been reading) and this seemed like a great choice. Like a lot of classics it is bit difficult to get into and then to follow, but the rewards are all there: I almost cried twice on the plane when I got towards the end, but of course since I'm manly and all that I held it in. Well worth reading with some epic bits of prose.

Unfortunately, though, this is never going to help me impress at that imaginary dinner party as I will never be able to pronounce it.

I can't quote my favourite bit in danger of ruining it.

The Waves

"The sun had not yet risen. The sea was indistinguishable from the sky, except that the sea was slightly creased as if a cloth had wrinkles in it."

The Waves by Virginia Woolf

I could quote bits of this forever, but that'd get quite annoying so I'll just do this one; It's pretty impressive from the get go.

Decidedly difficult going, but really interesting all the same. I'm guessing this is why Virginia Woolf is famous - there is a very distinct and different style in this. Definitely different from anything I've ever read before. Yet more Woolf to come.

LINK: The Freestylers on The Remix Fabric Special

From 03:20 to 07:10

Since I've mentioned all the other ones. This was a nice surprise on the flight to Seattle; For my listening pleasure I took the last few months worth of The Remix shows including the last two I hadn't been able to listen to yet. This is a remix of Boom Blast from the Fabriclive 19 album.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Although a modern classic as opposed to a classic it was still on my list.

It is really good. Not at all hard to read like a classic and is a definite can't-put-me-down-until-finished; pretty sure I read it the day I got it.

What I found most interesting about my experience reading this was that I could not tell initially whether the narrator was black or white, or male or female. Now it maybe that if I re-read it it would be patently obvious, but either due to the speed I was reading it (I did say it was completely engrossing), my ignorance (I'm not American and so I knew of this book, but pretty much nothing about it) or perhaps because it really is this way, I certainly couldn't be sure to start with.

Like Wuthering Heights I don't think any quotes stood out to me (at least I've left no double turned over pages for myself - again could just be the speed I read it), but it is what everyone says: A must read.

Sickly Slip

"The worst-tempered bit of a sickly slip that ever struggled into its teens!"

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Completely forget to mention I'd read this one. I think because no quotes stood out to me at the time and I do quite like my quote posts. Well apart from this one, obviously, but I just think this is a great insult - it's such a shame it's use is so limited.

Since I am a bit delayed in writing this I've only got one female author to go on my Classics list.

This was actually nothing like I thought it would be. I guess everyone grows up with Kate Bush in mind so I thought it would be a love story whereas really it's a ghost story; It is a love story, but not soppy or in the least bit romantic.

The hardest thing about reading this is the similarity of the characters names: You really need to write out the family tree or reference one of the existing ones. Also this book is far more about the journey than the destination: the ending is neither happy, sad, climatic nor anti-climatic.

Er... that's it. Just trying to catch up on some posts. Made no promises they were going to be good.

LINK: Save Photoghost

I have only used them once, but that is because I have had a difficult time with film over the past few years and so haven't shot much at all. Film isn't really commercially viable (And everyone knows that) but that sure as hell doesn't mean it should die.


I tweeted it, but then I sprained my knee a bit and so went back to 5k and wanted to wait until I'd done it again before writing about it in case the first time was a fluke. So today I managed to do it again! Yay! I mean, I suppose I should have been able to do this anyway because of the fitness from cycling, but I'm still pretty happy about this: Up and down hills again, faster than last time (not fast) and my joints felt better about it afterwards. I have no intention of turning into a crazy person, I think 10k is as far as I want to go - Faster though might be fun.

I still don't really enjoy running (cycling, at the right time, could be a pure thrill), but I am happy I can do the mind over matter thing and keep going. Cycling though I didn't really have to concentrate on, but running I really do have to watch my feet so as to not knacker my ankles or knees. I still can't decide whether running more often or less often would be better for me.

On a related note: I have been bicycle "window shopping", but I think the price of a pair of trainers (first pair still look barely worn) will outweigh a completely unnecessary bicycle purchase; Even if I can afford one now I don't need one.

Things have been very busy of late. I have things I want to write about, just struggling to find the time.

Gurr - Moby Dick.

[EDIT: 2016-09-17] I pretty much posted and ran because things have been crazily busy recently, but I needed to come back and just state HOW GOOD THIS IS. I hope the rest of the album is like this. If it is then this will be this year's Wolf Alice for me; It isn't like Wolf Alice, just AS GOOD AS Wolf Alice; It's actually got quite a 90s indie feel to it, but NEW.

cabal-install notes for NetBSD

Just a quick little post so in another three years time I'll be able to figure out how to do this again a bit more quickly.

If you are trying to use cabal with headers and things on none standard paths (e.g. pkgsrc) then you need to do:

cabal install curl --extra-include-dirs=/usr/pkg/include/ --extra-lib-dirs=/usr/pkg/lib --configure-option=CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/pkg/include/ --configure-option=LDFLAGS=-L/usr/pkg/lib

The important bit being the --configure-option flags as the --extra ones are documented and thus a bit more obvious.

Note: After doing no exercise at all last week and struggling to run for even 20 mins in Gozo, went out and did 10K today in cool Scottish mist

Note: Watching all this Olympic track cycling has given me the first twinge of wanting to get on a back on the bike.


I tweeted about it, but I guess I should write something about it properly as last time we were at five weeks through, the half way point. In the end, the nine week programme took us eleven weeks as we had to repeat a couple of weeks due just to general life interfering with plans.

It really is a good plan though. It worked great from my point of view of someone who was very fit, but liable to break and injure easily running and it worked great from my wife's point of view of someone who last ran when they were at school. We did the time based version so I don't know for sure how far we are running (I could measure it on a map); Time based seems most fair with a discrepancy in leg length - I have to double back in bits as it is so I don't get too far ahead.

I have had some discomfort (probably the right word to use instead of pain), but all that cycling has given me the ability to just get on with it; Weirdly I never really had much leg pain whilst cycling, just lots of it off the bike.

Fifteen hours minimum a week of cycling was probably a bit excessive, but at the same time I don't think one and a half hours of running is really going to cut it as far as staying fit and healthy goes. Ok, it has been nice to have a break, but I'd like to get to three and a half hours of running a week. I'm not sure exactly how to work this in, though. I really like the idea of running every other day and I think it would be best for me to carry on like that; I've not got injured myself yet so why jinx things? Perhaps I could do a thirty minute run with my wife in the morning per current routine and then thirty minutes later the same day? If I make one of those an hour that's three and a half hours a week. That'll do. I don't want to be an athlete, but it would be a shame to lose everything I've gained from cycling.

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